Call Collaborative Research 2020

This call was launched on February 24th and applications were invited until July 6th. The aim of this call is to support high-risk/high gain research initiatives within the scope of CORTEX.

Five projects were submitted and funded:

The ethics of information transmission (Villeval/Dreher – 150K€)

Reinforce naive pluripotency and access chimeric competency by manipulating Netrin-1 signalling in human and non-human primate embryonic stem cells (Savatier/Lavial – 150K€)

Whole brain probing of neuronal activity disturbances in health and pathologies (Raineteau/Luppi/Mandairon – 225K€)

Monitoring interneuron-glia interactions during plasticity (Pascual/Seugnet/Gentet – 101K€)

Evaluation of tractographis determination of cortical connectivity in macaque using retrograde-tracing (Kennedy/Hiba – 100K€)