Published on November 21, 2018 | Updated on December 9, 2019


A new technology to replace oculometry

Digitrack is an alternative to oculometry for the characterization of eye movement sequences. The major advantages of this technology are the fast and low-cost acquisition of large amounts of data and its corollary, the unequalled statistical reliability of the results obtained. This technology is particularly suitable for analysing the guidance of the gaze during the exploration of a visual scene, thus allowing the creation of exploration maps. The advantage of the process is that it requires no tools other than a tactile tablet, which makes it possible to collect data very quickly and on very large populations of individuals. As such, Digitrack can be useful in the laboratory for the study of perception and visual attention. It can also be used in a clinical context for the detection and diagnosis of visual or visuomotor behavioural abnormalities.  Finally, it can be used in the fields of marketing and communication where it is common to use oculometry to evaluate visual communication media.