General public conference on Schizophrenia

On The June 17, 2019

Saint-Etienne city hall
Schizophrenia affects about 0.7% of the world's population, including 600,000 people in France. Schizophrenia is a psychiatric illness characterized by a highly variable set of symptoms: the most impressive are delusions and hallucinations, but the most disabling are social withdrawal and cognitive difficulties.
Schizophrenia is not well known to the general public and is frightening. Frequently, in the press in particular, this term is used to refer to contradictory attitudes or statements. Cinema also conveys a stereotypical image. Unfortunately, it remains a pathology that is still highly stigmatized.
 The Neurodis Foundation, which has been supporting neuroscience research in the AURA region since 2007, is organising this conference to discover the reality of this pathology and allow the general public to have a live chat with specialists.
 Two speakers from St Etienne University Hospital will be present:
Professor Eric Fakra, Head of Department of the Adult and Child and Youth Psychiatry Unit at St Etienne University Hospital, and member of the Neurodis Executive Committee, will talk about the new vision that professionals have thanks to advances in research and the resulting care.
Dr. Mael Pulcini, a hospital practitioner, will discuss medical follow-up once at home.
Admission is free and upon registration on 06 79 00 48 52 or on the Internet