Research Engineer in Bioinformatics

CDD - 2 years - Début : November
Deadline for applications : August 25, 2020
Missions :

A full-time position is available for a period of 2 years (renewable) to establish a bioinformatics platform within the LabEx CORTEX of the University of Lyon. 

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a PhD in biological sciences (ideally in Neurosciences) and strong experience in Bioinformatics, in particular with next generation single cell RNA-Sequencing analysis. The candidate will have a published track record within this field and strong knowledge of up to date bioinformatics tools. She/he will have good communication skills in French and English, strong capacity to develop networks (e.g. a previous experience in managing a platform or a common facility). Finally, the candidate will have the task of developing/establishing new protocols and teaching/sharing them to the CORTEX community.  

The selected candidate will work closely with local genomic facilities in order to lay the foundation of a bioinformatics platform to assist LabEx CORTEX teams in performing single cell RNA-Sequencing experiments. Hence, she/he will be involved in:      

  • Facilitating the planning of new single cell RNA-Sequencing experiments.
  • Assisting teams in the analysis of currently available datasets, either directly or by the training/supervision of students/staffs from the participating teams.
  • Establishing new techniques or procedures of general interest, e.g. establishment and comparison of adult CNS tissue dissociation protocols… gradually evolving to integrate complementary datasets (e.g. Chip-Seq, Slice-Seq)

Niveau d'étude requis :

Bac + 8

Formations requises :

PhD in biological sciences

Compétences requises :

  • Expertise in bioinformatics analysis
  • Advanced expertise in data collection, processing and analysis
  • Good knowledge of programming languages (R, Python…)
  • Technical English
  • Teaching and knowledge transfer competences
  • Building and managing databases