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Cortex mag

By launching CORTEX Mag, which is an information website for the general public on the brain and neurosciences, LabEx CORTEX wishes to share the results of the work carried out in its laboratories with as many people as possible: science lovers, high school students, students, teachers, but also ordinary citizens wishing to be better informed on the issues of neuroscience and stem cells. 

The editorial board is composed of members of each lab:
SBRI - Ana Rita Ribeiro Gomes
ISC-MJ - Sébastien Kirchher/Linh Nguyen
CRNL - Romain Bouet/Lisa Fleury/Silvia Macchione
INMG - Hugo Ducuing
EMC - Eddy Cavalli/Gaën Plancher/Romain Bet
GATE - Mateus Joffily
LabEx ASLAN - Rémi Léger
LabEx CORTEX - Jennifer Beneyton/Charlotte Streicher

It is headed by Benoît de la Fonchais, a former editor of Management review. The editorial board meets 6 times per year.

Next meeting: January, 2020