Published on November 26, 2020 | Updated on May 20, 2021

New platform in bio-informatics

The Bioinformatics platform has been launched in November 2020 to address needs of the LabEx CORTEX teams and propose various expertise to support singe-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) projects:

  • Advice to set up new scRNA-seq projects (cell preparation, technology choice) 
  • Bioinformatics analysis of scRNA-seq data (quality control, first level analysis)
  • Training in bioinformatics analysis tools
  • Develop, maintain and share protocols and bioinformatics pipelines (data bases)

We also provide an interactive shiny app for visualizing public single-cell data bases that you can visit here.

The platform is headed by Guillaume Marcy with support of the steering committee: Valérie Castellani (INMG), Christelle Peyron (CRNL) and Olivier Raineteau (SBRI). It is located within the genomic platform ProfileXpert.

If you need the expertise of the platform, please send the required forms to .