From February 15, 2021 to May 15, 2021

The objective of the Call for Proposals is to identify and support CORTEX projects whose aim is an application and/or transfer to the socio-economic world.
Budget allocated: 20 K€ per project. 
Eligibility criteria:
  1. Projects submitted by current CORTEX teams
  2. New projects never before submitted or
  3. Reworked projects that were submitted in previous calls and which were not funded, or
  4. Extensions of projects that had obtained funding in a previous call: Please note that in order to apply for new funding, at least 50% of the previously allocated budget must have been spent.
LabEx CORTEX wishes to encourage the emergence of valorisation projects in the associated teams and the links between the teams and the existing valorisation entities. Thus, CORTEX will be able to support projects with a high valorisation potential, but requiring, for example, a very first capital outlay to help finalise or complete a proof of concept. 
PULSALYS is also involved in this approach and proposes to study all the files. 
If some of the applications closest to a transfer meet the PULSALYS commitment criteria, they will be eligible for specific PULSALYS support and funding. 
The objective is to transfer the research results to an existing company or through the creation of a startup.
PULSALYS will be in charge of the study of the projects and will guide the projects in the best possible way.
Provisional timetable :
The call for proposals opens on February 15th 2021
Submission before midnight on May 15th 2021
Answer on June 30th 2021. 
PULSALYS is the SATT (Société d'accélération du transfert de technologies) of Lyon and Saint-Etienne, created within the framework of the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA) initiated by the State. Its vocation is to promote the excellence of the University of Lyon's public research laboratories by developing and then transferring innovations from these laboratories to existing companies or through the creation of start-ups. 
To do this, PULSALYS detects, develops and finances numerous projects with the aim of creating an innovative service or product from the results, data or research tools by transferring them to an existing company or by creating a startup. 
Two examples of past PULSALYS projects: DIGITRACK and ALIX & Moi