Brain awareness week

From March 5, 2019 to March 20, 2019

10 conferences, 2 workshops, 1 open day at ISC Marc Jeannerod, 1screening followed by a debate and 1 theater play. That is how rich and diverse the Lyon programme is this year.

"For several decades, research on brain have been undergoing considerable development. As for other disciplines in biology, the approaches are made at different scales of life: from the cell to neural networks to the entire organ itself, in relation to other parts of the body and with the environment. Research at the cellular level has produced spectacular results in areas such as the understanding of brain development and the role of the brain potential of certain genes and neurotransmitters in normal and pathological functioning. In addition, integrative and cognitive neuroscience provide a better understanding of how our brain perceives and acts on its environment by based on our past experiences and goals to be achieved. In humans, new methods of brain imaging make it possible to visualize of the entire brain in operation and the identification of the networks underlying the cognitive functions, such as the recall of a memory or decision making. For its 21st edition, the Brain Awareness Week in Lyon will present some recent advances in the field of neurosciences of perception and action, memory, development and addictions. These themes will be addressed through conferences, workshops, laboratory visits... which will allow you to to meet researchers and clinicians in the field. By in advance I thank them for their commitment and you wishes you an enriching week for your brain."

Rémi Gervais, Scientific coordinator of the Brain Awareness Week in Lyon